Lower Together

Logo Design

Our Amgen clients conducted a bold experiment: They reduced the list price of Repatha by 60% ($14,523 to $5,850), an unprecidented move in the industry.

To prepare for this, we created the complete "Lower Together" platform (strategy and logo mark) within 2 days because Repatha is lowering LDL-C, Risk, Hassle, and now Cost.


Lower Together Booth

The Repatha "Lower Together" booth debuted on March 16th with the Arrow Garden Concept. This booth featured a 4, 10 ft tall red chevrons that lead the viewer through a curved path through grass and greenery featuring a provocative question along the curved wall and branded concession stand serving cappuccinos.

These red chevrons have clinical information on one side and a custom flip-disc animation on the other pertaining to the topics of LDL-C, Hassle, Risk, and Cost. Flip discs are a grid of individual magnetic discs that are programmed to  flip to play animations (similar to pixel art). Guests can hear a tactical flutter sound as they approach the sculpture and keeps their attention with interactivity mode where they see themselves recreated with thousands of moving discs.

Flip Disc Animations