LOKELMA is the only product that can quickly get control over excess potassium—unlike treatments from the past.

This concept was designed to needed to feature a character that can be easily integrated into a game design.

Categories - Character design, illustration, campaign concept


Deep dive into the Pyloric Canal

Our heroic deep-sea explorer is traveling to new places and collecting potassium molecules to fuel his ship. As he floats along the stomach-lining stream, he will encounter obstacles such as sticky blood cell traps, high-pressure currents, and viruses that damage his ship.


Blast off to Planet Gastria

Dr. X is a mastermind doctor who just finished building a new spacecraft he calls the ZS-9. His mission is to fly to planet Gastria, where there is an abundance of Potassium wreaking havoc. If Dr. X succeeds in keeping the Ks under control, he will get closer to his dream of finding the cure for hyperkalemia.